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    [Tutorial] PlayIntegrity + Root

    There isn't a system folder under /data/adb/modules_update/playintegrityfix
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    I just updated from14.0.25 (stable) to 14.0.28 (stable) and FCM is broken I think. I tested sending a message to myself in Slack, which is running in the background, and I was able to get the message just fine and I can see in the FCM diagnostic (*#*#426#*#*) that it's able to receive the Slack...
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    Disable power button locks instantly

    I found my solution. I came across this: That has a plugin support for either MacroDroid or Tasker. You can install that and enable the Xposed module. The documentation page says it requires EdXposed but that's not true. I'm using LSPosed and it works fine...
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    Disable power button locks instantly

    Probably won't get my answers here, but thought I'd give it a try anyway. On most Android ROMs, there's a setting called "power button locks instantly" or "power button locks immediately". If this is setting is on, then when you press the power button your screen will lock and this is...
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    How to disable Chain Start WITHOUT disabling MIUI optimizations

    Sorry, this isn't going to be a helpful answer, but I'm also trying to solve this and haven't had any luck. I thought perhaps it would be a setting under the Systems/Secure/Global table, but I couldn't find anything. There also isn't a setting you can toggle off under Android settings. I believe...
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    New Restrict chain start bugged since 21.10.20

    Running latest Xiaomi EU on my Redmi K60 and getting these annoying chain start messages and I can't find a global setting to disable it. UPDATE: Actually, I got it working now. You can use this: In that app, there is a setting called "remove...
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    Phone Encryption not working with the EU ROM.

    I can find fstab files but just not fstab.qcom. I'm using Redmi Note 9T with super partition. Does this encryption method work for phones that use super partition?
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    How to turn off MIUI 11 'Turn off MIUI optimization" on Developer Settings? :)

    Hi Igor, Thanks for your reply. OK, good to know MIUI optimization is enabled, as I have no intention of turning it off. But regarding my issue, do you have any idea what could be causing it? None of the apps should be running in background, but they are. They are set to restricted in the MIUI...
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    How to turn off MIUI 11 'Turn off MIUI optimization" on Developer Settings? :)

    I'm the opposite, I want to turn it ON. I'm using 11.0.5 stable on my Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition and I believe that MIUI optimization is turned OFF. The reason I think it's off is because the battery drain on seems to be higher than the stock MIUI China and MIUI India roms...
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    Mine (WCDMA HongMi) has exactly the same SOC revision and Board version, but mine shows the screen density as well. I'm also on the latest stable MIUI v5 so maybe it's slightly different. Also, I'm using TWRP and it works great. Way better than CWM.