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    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    Did you test it? How is the performance?
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    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    Then post in latest weekly post, not here
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    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    Just reboot it, is a crash from recovery
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    The rom for tapas is laggy

    I root my device and flash some little modules to improve performance, those are MemeUI Enhancer and Spanish Gem, and for bypass the cts i use the safetynet module, i recommend you rooting with magisk, there are tutorials for flashing magisk specifically for this device, my battery lasts the...
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    Safety net issue -

    Safetynet Universal Fix
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    Always on Display fails when I restart

    When i reboot my device, I always haver to restart the AOD miui app to make it work with the 10sec mode, because when i turn off the screen, always on display shows, but then, it disappears, and when I tap, it doesn't show again.
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    90hz for Redmi Note 12 4G(tapas)

    There does not exists an option in display to change the refresh rate to 90hz, only 120 and 60, but in information apps it says that my device has support for it, i searched for workarounds for this and it changes the refresh rate to 90hz, but the screen shows a rare greenish blue layer on the...
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    New My app Vault widgets are gone after the app starts again

    After i knew the posibility of adding apps widgets to the app vault, the replacement of google discover in MIUI EU, I added my favorite widgets to app vault to free my home screen, but after the app vault starts again it's process, the widgets gets deleted. To reproduce the bug just add app...
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    The rom for tapas is laggy

    In any cases when there are gaussian blur the lag and the heat come here, is just bad optimization in video effects, all other things like calls, networking and installation of apps(which is 19473848% faster than the global rom).
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    The rom for tapas is laggy

    What can i do? I installed the rom for my tapas and the rom is so laggy when i use the control center, and the battery goes down faster than the global rom when using my device.
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    Is working the rom for tapas

    Is the latest version 14.0.12 of MIUI EU for tapas working? Does the firmware images gets modified, or are they original from xiaomi?