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  1. AnnieChow

    [rom] Stable & Fully Working Rom Alternatives To Miui

    There are vast number of backup apps for SMS, but if you can copy text from phone to PC, you can not only backup them but also manage and print them out.
  2. AnnieChow

    Contacts Move From Nokia E72 to Xiaomi Mi-2

    Data transfer between devices on pc or Mac computer, a data transfer tool is helpful, you can select the data you need, and view them on pc clearly, have a look at this mobile transfer tool, you can also transfer other data such like text messages, photos with it.
  3. AnnieChow

    Wipe Phone Trough Pc

    So, you can still connect your phone with pc, and you can still touch it? If so, you can try data eraser or clean software. MobiKin Eraser for Android. Just install it on your computer, and launch it when the phone is connected.
  4. AnnieChow

    Can't Open Mtp(file Transfer)

    You need to transfer the data from your phone to pc? Oh, I think you can have a try of some android tool such like android assistant, or device manager. You can transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files.
  5. AnnieChow

    How To Sync Android With Mac Or Pc ?

    As we know that smart phones are different from the traditional non-smart phones that allow you to transfer files between mobile phones and computer as long as you connect the device to computer with the USB cable. However, you are not able to do the same things to the smart phones. That’s why...
  6. AnnieChow

    How To Export Or Import Contacts From Android Phone To Excel

    Hi, I think a transfer tool can help you handle this. To export android contacts, you need to connect your mobile device to your pc, launch the program, and it will automatically detect your data. Then you can choose those contacts you need and export them to your pc in CSV or XLS format. In...
  7. AnnieChow

    How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Android ?

    For many of us, messages are not only used to deliver information to our friends, relatives and business partners; but also be saved as a memorandum to help users store important and valuable moments. So many situations will cause the message loss on your mobile phone, you cannot finish this...
  8. AnnieChow

    Damaged Photos

    Really , recovery tools can not help solve this? but I did find back the lost photos with recovery software. Maybe you can change one. You can follow this: how to recover deleted pictures And this can be helpful, too...
  9. AnnieChow

    Recover deleted File on Mi2S pls !!!

    I used recovery tools to find back my lost files. For users who have the same problem, you can have a look at this, android phone recovery
  10. AnnieChow

    Need Help ?? How to restore data from Huawei allbackup to Xiaomi ??

    You can use a back up tool to transfer the data from you Huawei to your pc, then transfer them to your xiaomi from the pc. That can be easily solved by means of using backup software. You can have a look at this, backup android contacts
  11. AnnieChow

    Is There A Way To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Mi4

    Well, you can download an recovery tool I think. Sometimes, if you did not back up them, then you need to use recovery software. have a look at this, recover deleted text messages And this blog can be helpful,too...