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    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    MIUI (my-UI) is better than yours! or the longer version MIUI(my-ui) brings all the boys to the yard, and there like its better than yours!
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    Mark I would not mind paying a buck for all of the hard work yall put into making it work outside china. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    Messages Theme Issues

    download one of them from these links, put in the miui/theme folder of your sd card and apply it with the theme manager or file explorer: Murdered Out Galaxy S Liberty Black n' Bold
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    Messages Theme Issues

    Try one of my themes, there are 4 of them in the theme section. Theming changed with the 1.1.28 release, so it might just be that your themes need to be updated. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    MMS Theming

    Its probably due to markhuk theming the mms.apk in the english pack that your rom uses. Try finding the english c 1.1.22 pack and grabbing the mms from there or from the d1 rom. Mark also themed a few other apks to go along with the new ui. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    Miui Music Widget

    No, the 4x4 widget is apart of the launcher. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    Battery mod for d1

    check your keyboard backlight. Flashing this has been known to disable the keyboard backlight on the d1.
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    Custom Miui Lockscreens

    Thanks for understanding :). I didn't want you to think i ripped off your work. I can get him to change the wording of that post.
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    Custom Miui Lockscreens

    hey evoooo, i didn't take credit for making it whiskeycoke put it up that way. check out this page, post 134
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    Custom Miui Lockscreens

    Yea its possible to make that. Just follow the steps in the custom sliders part. Everything you need to make it is there. Sent from my Droid using the Forums App
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    Custom Miui Lockscreens

    Here are a few files some will find useful: Link to a theme that is stock but has a transparent lockscreen Here is a theme I through together that has inexus parts, rounded icons, iphone mms and a transparent lockscreen...
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    Custom Miui Lockscreens

    Alright guys and gals, I've decided to create this thread to help people create custom lockscreens. With the new miui theming system its really not that hard to change the lockscreen setup. You can have many different types of lockscreens from customized images on sliders to transparent ones. I...
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    Anyone want an invisible lockscreen?

    No Problem! :)
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    Anyone want an invisible lockscreen?

    here is a theme that is stock but with transparent lockscreen
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    Anyone want an invisible lockscreen?

    Here is my first attempt at an invisible lockscreen. All you need to do is unzip my file and paste them into whatever theme you want in the framework/res/drawable-hdpi folder. Before you paste them in that folder make sure there isn't any other files with those names in it. Rezip everything and...
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    [REQUEST] MIUI Browser

    The guy who originally translated the miui browser posted on that he will no longer be translating the browser because the creators of the browsers have seen how popular the idea of an english version of the browser is and will be making an english version of it sometime. *edit...