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  1. Dan Maharry

    Xiaomi MIUI Global Theme Competition II

    So has there been any announcement? Admittedly I can read Simplified Chinese, but I can't see any new developments on the site which would indicate a winner and runners up ave been announced.
  2. Dan Maharry

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.3.30 Preview changelog

    FLAC support? Fantastic news...
  3. Dan Maharry

    Release MIUI ROM 2.3.23 ROMS [ICS] & [GB]

    The OTA Update for 2.3.23 just appeared on my phone (Nexus S). It downloaded asked to reboot to update, so I clicked OK. It rebooted and now I have a little android with an exclamation mark next to it on the phone and nothing happening. This has happened every time I've tried to do an OTA...
  4. Dan Maharry

    A few newbie questions

    1. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. 2. Brill - downloaded. Again, I'll wait for Pele to reply here then. Many thanks
  5. Dan Maharry

    Preview Boid - Twitter on Android done well

    Am really liking Boid - it's almost WP7-like. Have uninstalled official twitter app. One quick q - will you support Twitter lists and if so will you incorporate support before or after v1?
  6. Dan Maharry

    A few newbie questions

    1. I'll wait for this Friday's update to come I think before I update. Out of curiosity, is it better practice to download from here or use ROM Manager to get a MIUIAndroid build? ROM Manager lists last Friday's as 2.3.9c. Is the c significant in some way? 2. The theme I was referring to is...
  7. Dan Maharry

    A few newbie questions

    Hi there, I'm new round here and thanks to a magazine found out about MIUI and installed it rather than ICS on my Nexus S. I have MIUI 2.2.17 ICS on my phone. I can see that there is a lot of activity here so I hope you don't mind if I ask a few simple questions in one place while I find my way...