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  1. vinhdoan.dlk

    Google RCS missing on chinese ROMs, nearby share too

    on display system, or launcher ----> do not find more device! you can use nearby share ONLY Mi File manager & should be find more decive to us
  2. vinhdoan.dlk

    Vietnamese font error

    me to! have more bug & erro with EU rom. gmail, ảnh, ....
  3. vinhdoan.dlk

    Mi 11 lite 5gNE

    Another phone with full network selection. On Mi11lite5gNE, it is very limited. I tried forcing 3G only mode on (in *#*#4636#*#*) but the 3G icon only appeared for a few seconds. This is not a serious problem, but in the future 2G mode may be disabled by my country and I need to use 3G in some...
  4. vinhdoan.dlk

    MIUI 14 23.3.13/16

    i have the same problem with 3G mode
  5. vinhdoan.dlk


    I using mi11lite 5g Ne and update to the miui 14, I think i have some problems, this images: + Language do not translate to Vietnamese; widgets not working, not downloading. Please help me
  6. vinhdoan.dlk

    New Bluetooth doesn't connect automatically

    Yes! This problem have on Mi 11 lite 5gNe - lisa miui 14
  7. vinhdoan.dlk


    Even if I choose 4G/5G it will revert back to 2G, No 3G at all. I tried forcing 3G selection in (*#*#4636#*#*) but it lost signal. I can still use 2/4/5G in the signal area. but 3G is not, it seems that this is a bug in the rom version
  8. vinhdoan.dlk


    I have no 3G option! the problem is that 2G in my area has been turned off. I can't receive calls and texts because 3G is not available, while 2G has no signal (Miui14 - Lisa. Mi11 lite 5gNE.)
  9. vinhdoan.dlk

    New error cannot change password_ Miui 14 A13 on LISA

    Sorry, my english is not good( gg translate). I've discovered some really serious bugs: 1. when I use Vietnamese display language, font doesn't seem to display clearly, "Allways -on display" is shown as "Ambient". The translation is not very good, where can I contribute the Vietnamese...