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    Same here! Idle phone still consuming all my battery.
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    New Bad Battery Drain - Idle Phone MI 11

    Hello everyone, I'm facing some issues after update to MIUI 13 A12, on Venus (Mi 11). The battery drain is terrible at night, as u can see on fixed images, the Idle Phone is the cause, but I don't know how to fix it. The second one is, the phone ask to update to the newest version, but that...
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    Hello! Does anybody have problems with the update notification? My Mi 11 is on MIUI 13 stable since yesterday, and there are 2 problems i noticed: 1- The Mi Updater ask for update to the newest version, which is (12.5.xx, I don't know why downgrade could be an upgrade). I already tap to update...
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    New Wi-fi Drops Frequently

    Hey guys, I am using stable and since the moment I bought the phone, the Wi-Fi connection is falling (only Wi-Fi, in the 4G LTE network, there are no problems), the connection drops for a moment and connects again, this several times in the day. Sometimes it drops, comes back and...