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    Android Pay And Eu Roms

    After using root checker looks like I dont have root installed Does this mean the only reason Android pay is not working is locked bootloader? Could I potentially brick the phone by locking the bootloader.
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    Android Pay And Eu Roms

    Is there any workaround to get it working at all? Sure I underhand the limitations of have a Unlocked phone, hoping there will be a possibility of a fix one day.
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    Android Pay And Eu Roms

    Hi I can't use android pay on my slow quite unusable official global rom and now want to V8.2.3.0.MAGCNDL, will Android pay work with this rom?
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    Android Pay And Other Questions

    Hi All Could you help the following question for a newbie who received there mi5s few days ago +How do i get the weather app to update the weather on the app as it shows the wrong temperature as per the screenshot updated. Also how do i get the weather on the lock screen wish it was that...