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    Apk's Icons in the Folder

    I tinkered a bit, the only way I could find is to empty out the folder, then put the four you want showing in, the put in the rest. It's kinda a pain if you really use the folders, lol, I have 20+ apps in one of mine.
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    what happens to the evo

    The ported MIUI English translation ROM's may be found at
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    Does anyone know what happened to What Happened to the Incredible Forum? - jpg of the page... Did What Happened to the Incredible Forum get erased? - Firefox complete web page... Was perhaps my last comment in What Happened to the Incredible Forum accurate? - html code... I'm sure it used to...
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    What happened to the MIUI ROM for HTC Evo 4G?

    You can still find it on
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    Voicing my support for Mark.

    Edit: My apologies, I disagree, but I do see your point.