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    wow so happy Miui 14 for Xiaomi Mi 10S :)
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    I can't use Power button on 13.0.8 Mi 10S, it always activate Google assistant even I turn this feature off :( Hope 13.0.10 (just released China rom) can fix this.
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    New Cannot disable Google Assistant from power button on Mi 10S MIUI

    Hi guys, I noticed that since version 13.0.8 or in the latest beta Xiaomi EU ROM, I just cannot disable Google assistant from the power button on my phone, it caused me can not use the power button on my phone to reset or turn off the phone properly. I've tried searching for button gesture to...
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    Mi 10s TWRP

    I think that guy just copy paste, that TWRP is not for Mi 10S I guess
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    I hear that Twrp opens many rom cook opportunity for Mi 10S, not only installing ROM ;) am I right?
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.1

    hi thanks for suggestion, I will try it and let you know :)
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    MI 10S TWRP (Chinese)

    I know, it doesn't mean devs cant make custom recovery for it right?
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.1

    21.9.1 is supermacy on Mi 10S!! Super smoooth and everything seems very fine, especially gaming. However, everytime I use app (any app), the ROM keep popping up notification about permission error ;( I need to cancel not to send report on phone, all the time. Mi video display all nomedia...
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    MI 10S TWRP (Chinese)

    it's seems nobody pay attention to Mi 10S :(
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    MI 10S TWRP (Chinese)

    We're all using this ROM, but it has bug too: Display update at Setting, even there is no update Game turbo can not turn off pop up notification Screen recorder has no sound.
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    MI 10S TWRP (Chinese)

    I found a link here but not sure if this TWRP is for Mi 10S, so I can not risk:
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    MI 10S TWRP (Chinese)

    So sad nobody make custom ROM for this phone :(
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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    hello, thank you for great rom I'm using Mi 10S MIUI EU 12.5.5, I've spotted some errors, I'd like to write down here for your information: - Mi video get lag, crash often - Voice message in Telegram will make phone crush when open - Camera quality - Light sensor is not working properly?
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    Doubts to update the version of rom Mi 10

    hi, my experience on flashing any cooked rom: do back up your data to a safe drive, example copy all your data, photos, music, etc... to a USB, or a memory card, or hard drive of your computer. Even updating new version of cooked rom doesn't require to reset phone data, but sometime flashing...
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    mi10s safetynet failed

    have you tried mi video? does it still crash? telegram voice/video message is ok now? i'm downloading this new rom atm
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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MI10S

    ah now I know why Mi 10S can not update via OTA, just because it lacks of custom recovery? oh new knowledge for me, I don't event know for a cooked rom it need a custom recovery to be able to use over the air update.
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    AI Preloading vs Lock Apps

    that's correct, I don't really know what benefits that AI preloading bring, as such that I always use app lock to keep some necessary apps stay alive
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    Mi 10S Xiaomi EU ROM error (Mi video, Telegram, bad camera)

    Hi there, I'm using Mi 10S for a while now, been switching to XiaomiEU ROM for a couple of months. This ROM is stable build, can use for long term. However I've spotted some error even in newest version 12.5.5 it is still not being fixed yet. - Mi video always crash, lag when playing video -...
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    AI Preloading vs Lock Apps

    for me I turn both ;)) but as my opinion I would use lock app often more than AI preloading, I lock many apps that I use the most so that I keep get its notification and faster booting