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  1. tweetypeety

    TWRP unofficial build released for MIX 4

    just one question, which TWRP is the best or can be recommended as there are three, but the last one, on 12 dec hasn't even have a mirror.
  2. tweetypeety

    Mi Pad 5 support ?

    Yes please, I can even give you my device to develop on it, no problem.
  3. tweetypeety

    Switch from fastboot to twrp rom without wipe

    is there already a TWRP Version?
  4. tweetypeety

    Mi Pad 5 support ?

    Do you need one, write me a pm
  5. tweetypeety

    Has anyone in EU received a Mi MIX 4?

    yeah, a lot of youtuber getting their devices right now, see Trading Shenzhen . com have send a lot to youtubers. So we can see some first reviews this week.
  6. tweetypeety

    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    UPDATE 1. went into normal recovery, wiped all data 2. installed again TWRP and now it stays, cool 3. installed the latested 12.5.7 TWRp Rom and ok, in goes till the end 4. wiped data again 5. reboot and it stays, it reboots all time again wiped again data, as TWRP is still there, which is...
  7. tweetypeety

    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    is it normal, that TWRP doesn't stay on it. After reboot and again rebooting to TWRP, it is normal Recovery? UPDATE, no, it reboots and twrp is gone. Is this normal?
  8. tweetypeety

    global Rom for Mi 11 ultra ?

    Tried it, tried it now on Mi 11 Pro and Ultra. The problem is. Global Firmware = Saftynet FAILED EEA Firmware = Saftynet FAILED = Saftynet PASSED Why it is so. Why the official globals loose Saftynet. This makes the phones really unattrative. No Google Pay, no Banking Apps or Covid...
  9. tweetypeety

    [GUIDE][venus|star|mars] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MI11 / Pro / Ultra

    I will try, because I tried now Xiaomi GLobal Stable = Saftynet FAILED Stable 12.5.2 = Saftyne Failed DEV = Saftynet PASSED
  10. tweetypeety

    [GUIDE][venus|star|mars] How to install ROM for Xiaomi MI11 / Pro / Ultra

    I tried the latest stable on the Mi 11 and worked fine, are back in the system and 12.5 is really beautiful. But is it normal Tha ti loose Saftynet Pass, it is now failed, which will lead to loosing Google Pay and some Banking Apps won't work? Is there a solution?
  11. tweetypeety

    Mi 11 flash Global / EE with Xiaomi Tool V2 / MiFlash

    Just wanted to give you some information for flashing the latested Mi Global Firmware. Xiaomi Tool V2 unlock the phone works perfect for me. Tried it on two devices and never had problems. The easiest way to ounlock. Xiaomi Tool V2 flashing the Global Firmware or the European Firme gets...
  12. tweetypeety

    GMS blocked on Mi 11 on Miui 12.5

    Strange that Xiaomi said, 12.5 will come out in Q2, so how someone can have 12.5 right now or is DEV right now on 12.5. LEts see what happens.
  13. tweetypeety

    GMS blocked on Mi 11 on Miui 12.5

    Have anybody any problems with Google Mobile Service on Mi 11 and Miui 12.5 A user pointed out this article, where it should be now blocked?
  14. tweetypeety

    EU Rom for Redmi Note 8

    is there a TWRP Version for the REdmi Note 8 oder 8 Pro ?
  15. tweetypeety

    Mi A2 Lite Firmware on a Redmi 6 Pro

    Is this possible, has somebody tried it already? Are the same devices, should work?
  16. tweetypeety

    Flash Mi 8 EE China Version to EU ROM?

    there is a ROm, but is there also a TWRP, can't see any official release.
  17. tweetypeety

    TWRP for Mi8

    yes, you have to wait two weeks, ii can unlock it, but I need a twrp and is this an english forum or italy. No problem, but I think you should write in english, forum rule.
  18. tweetypeety

    TWRP for Mi8

    Anybody with a TWRP for a Mi8. The Rom is already available, but no TWRP. Any clue?
  19. tweetypeety

    Twrp For Mi Pad 3

    ok, friend of mine installed also the Rom with TWRP, but same problem with Play Store like before. Loads and says Waiting for WLAN. So no solution for that?