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    Vibrate disabled?

    I'm not able to get my vibrate function to function. Nexus one Using newest update and translation pack. Anyone else?
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    Camera shutter sound ?

    You have to silent the phone itself. In the dropdown menu hit the bell symbol. It mutes the whole phone camera sound too. It'd be nice if it was an option within camera.
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    Browser question

    Type about:debug in browser and then open settings. It's there at bottom under UAString
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    Also I'd like to thank you guys for your efforts in working this Rom so we can enjoy it too.
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    My sms send is still in Chinese.
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    Signal loss?

    I flashed 11.12 yesterday up from 11.05 and my signal is almost non existent. Could it have been the update? Anyone else having this issue? Nexus one. T-mobile.
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    English Pack #1 for 0.11.12 (N1 / DESIRE)

    is there a deodexed version of the rom out yet? am I blind? is there or will there be a dedicated thread to the rom files?
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    English Pack #2 Update for 0.11.5 (N1 / DESIRE)

    It seems data and backlight have switched spots in the drop down menu.