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    Can not connect to network

    I have a similar phone but never had such a problem, I believe you should update the OS and the security patch - latest. I used 5 to 6 different vpn apps and only of them don't ask permission but the rest works fine. I think the one that doesn't ask is that it's a reseller vpn rather normal a vpn.
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    unable to install google pay via play store

    Try adding other bank account .
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    Mi Find Device - device offline

    I have similar issue with my Device. !
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    Video toolbox

    How to add any other new option in Toolbox...
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    No sound during calls

    I have similar problem with my phone but switch to the option of increase ringtone. Now it won't happen too often but its have the issue,
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    New recent apps menu lag

    Its with the new update, once you receive newer version it will be solved.
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    New Android Auto no connection

    Same problem with my MIUI 12.5 for my Redmi not 10 pro
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    Miui HM7

    I got passed :p Now working .... :P
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    I have updated my Redmi Note 10 MIUI But not connecting

    I have Redmi Note 10 and update its MIUI but when ever I connect VPN it says "could not connect" I tried multiple vpns from play store. but non of them work..... I also connect it to different wifi but still same happens.
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    Brave browser

    I used the brave browser few months back and it was fine experience but now move to chrome again.....
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    New Mix 4 [21.11.11] Selfie cam unusable

    Did to update the OS or it just got fix by itself !!
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    Invalid Screenshots in .jpg instead of .png

    You can use tool to get it in PNG or any other format. Great I tried that app and works fine....
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    What brand did you come from?

    I was using Samsung A50 and was not so good, Always have finger print issue. Now happy with Redmi Note 10 Pro
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    Invalid Xiaomi Mi10t Pro Camera

    Need more details to understand the Issue.
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    Portable Hotspot unstable MIUI Global 12.0.12

    This issue is solved in MIUI 12.5 , you can get the custom rom for your phone
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    Invalid Google play store not working

    To update your System app view, you have to first update the chrome app. wait till new update of chrome appears and then try updating both at same time.
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    How-to install global "Themes" app

    Will this work over Redmi Not 10 6bg version.
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    Invalid eu Themes appears in chinese lang

    Check your phone current region, and change it to US. It will work properly.
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    Google Maps won't open on a new Note 10 Pro

    Run Security app in your phone, clear the cache. Then try uninstalling it and install again. It'll work.