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    Delayed devices causes?

    What is your opinion on the time estimated to get fixed for those devices? Based on previous similar problems and that kind of stuff
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    Delayed devices causes?

    Why do releases get delayed for some specific devices? Is it some kind of issue with that particular deivce or is just left behind because there is no time to implement?
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    New Mi 9 T Pro Unusable Wifi 20.12.30

    What I think its happening is that it goes into a power efficient mode and when you unlock the phone it does not go into "performance" mode, so its stuck at efficient mode forever
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    New Mi 9 T Pro Unusable Wifi 20.12.30

    In this update the wifi module is not working properly, and maxes out at 2mbps on a 100mbps conection. Rebooting the phone causes it to go back to 100 but it will only stay like that for a couple of hours. I have also noticed the wifi module is slower when refreshing for new wifi connections or...
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    New Wallpaper dark mode K20 Pro

    The adjust wallpaper to dark mode toggle is not working, Its always adjusted to dark mode no matter if it is on or not. Latest rom. Its been like this since it came out
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    New Xiaomi Mi9T Pro

    Well it is not normal but happens to me too, haven't told them cz its not a big issue. Just reboot the phone. Happens once every month or so so no way of replicating it to send the data to them
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    New Outdated GPU Drivers

    I believe the gpu drivers the team is using are different than the rest and that is one of the reasons you can't use the 90hz mod with their rom
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    New Touch feedback

    Touch feedback keeps turning off when you reboot the phone. K20 pro 12.19
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    Invalid Can't allow apps to use microphone

    I can't allow apps to use microphone unless im prompt to do so, I just tap allow and when I go back it is already denied. K20pro 9.12.12 and 19
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    New Minimize video problem. K20pro

    I added a mega link since it is too large to upload here. I think what is happening is that the little screen is opening outside of the screen so you can't see it and you can't manipulate it.
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    New Minimize video problem. K20pro

    When I am playing a video and i go to recent apps it minimizes well and stays where it should be but when o go to home screen the app disapears and it glitches. If you fix this it would be great and if you could add a function to scale the video it would be even better. If you need the log tell...
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    New Speaker audio problem in calls and audio failures in voice recording / Mi 9T / 9.10.17 V2

    K 20 pro speaker in calls is working so far, dirty flash, not using ok google
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    New List of bugs on K20 PRO [9.10.27]

    All of them have been around for a while and i think they are not going tl be fixed, at least not the first and second one
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    New Update notification k20 pro

    Okay but if i tap on download the update, it says you are up to date, where can i download the improved version?
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    New Update notification k20 pro

    Okay im going to install it now, thank you
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    New [K20 Pro] [9.10.10] Ambient display feature not working

    Same, it is definitely not working
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    New Update notification k20 pro

    I can only see one 9.10.10 version, so i don't think there is two versions
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    New Update notification k20 pro

    I just updated and keeps asking for update even though i am in 9.10.10 lol its weird. K20Pro
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    New Whatsapp, Telegram and other apps notifications plays sound event in "do not disburb"

    Yeah the sounds are still going trhough