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    MIUI 2.3.9 bug - can not unmute phone while ringing

    Hi, there are several apps out there that can be used to mute the phone and then if someone important is calling unmute it again. I tried 10 of them including dindy, "quiet sleep" and tasker with a task for that. They all fail to unmute while the phone is ringing. So I assume that there is a...
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    Bugs 2.3.2

    Hmm, it still works. So the update fraom 1.12.30 to 2.3.2 was a too big jump. Still the number problems are the same. Some people the car shows the number, some not. I have not found the system in that yet.
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    Bugs 2.3.2

    It is an Alfa Guiletta Blue&me car phone system. The same is used in all Fiat and Alfa's equipped with a bluetooth phone system. Found this in a previous version, same problem i assume : Have returned...
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    Bugs 2.3.2

    Hi, HTC Desire had previously 1.12.30 on the phone, updated through the update app to 2.3.2 (i assume [GB]). Bluetooth issue. In my car I have a Blue&me phone system from Alfa and an BT audio adapter. The BT-Audio adapter still works, the Blue&me connects when i start the car and then "dies"...