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    Gingerbread - miui

    I think everybody hope so ... but I think that first everyone is waiting te CM 7 to start doing something ;)
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    Launcher crashed because of folder

    update: very very strange. If I put in the "Game" folder 10 of them -> FC. with 9 -> NO FC no matter which game is the n.10! very strange because in other folders I got 10 and more apps into.
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    Launcher crashed because of folder

    I got a FC problem related with a folder too. I created one to collect games. everything was faine but after installing pocketgod and put it into the proper folder ... every time I try to open it (the other folders are OK) I got a launcher's FC :'(
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    [Q] Customizations

    Hi guys! Here some questions ... 1. Is it possible to customize the led's color of an existing lockscreen!? 2. How can I install a new message's theme? 3. The Ink message's theme is not fully translated ... the line in the send button is still in chinese ... is it fixable!?
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    Porting N1 Cyanogen render feature

    it's not the same. That cyanogen rom's feature enables only 1 RGB channgel ... the red one! That's makes battery's life longer ;)
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    Porting N1 Cyanogen render feature

    Hi guys :) I'd like to ask if is there any possibility to port this great feature from Cyanogen 6 ROM. The RED option is the main reason of my question because it helps to improve battery usage quite a lot when I'm not using the phone. It would be great :) thanks in advance :) and sorry 4...