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    New Bug WiFi with no internet automatic switch to mobile data

    Is there any chance to resolve it?
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    New Bug WiFi with no internet automatic switch to mobile data

    Hi everybody, I have an Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro with version (stable). Since a few weeks I got my Android Auto wireless adapter. Therefore I need to connect to this device and use mobile data for Internet connection. The System notifies me that the WiFi has no internet and...
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    Should I buy Mi8SE, Mi MIX 2 or Poco F1?

    Very interesting question. But what's about updates on the Pocophone? Will it get all the updates as the other xiaomi devices? Gesendet von meinem MI 5 mit Tapatalk
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    Using The E-sim

    Hey guys, the Mi5 has an esim card and in the official firmware is an app where i can buy dataplans for the phone. Is there a way to use the esim card with the rom? Greez
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    Activate Encryption In Rom

    Hey guys and girls, i want to encrypt my Xiaomi Mi5 Pro. But wen i try to do it, it yust boots back to the System. So my question is, is there a way to encrypt the phone while using a ROM. Nowadays it is for me highly recommended to encrypt my device. Thanks for any comments.
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    MULTI 6.7.21

    Thanks for the new ROM. The Problems from the last ROM with Brightnesscontroll are solved.
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Does anyone else also the problem, that the automatic brightness control doesn't work in this build? Also the auto rotation doesn't work on my Mi5 Pro.