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    SMS over Wifi on Garnet

    If your provider supports it you can receive SMS when you are using VoWiFi and not connected over LTE. I´ve already used this feature on Iphone, Samsung and Nothing but on Garnet it doesn´t work even when VoWiFi is working like a charm. ;)
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    SMS over Wifi on Garnet

    Hi! I am using Garnet Device and found out that its actually not able to receive SMS over WiFi. That problem seems to belong to any available ROM as far as i know. I am using it in Germany. Is there any way to get SMS over WiFi working or do i have to wait for a FW Update? I´ve read in...
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    some Problem with Snow Mountain Live Wallpaper

    Hi! After using the snow Mountain Wallpaper it stopped synchronizing withe daytime. Now its showing the dark state where night is all the time. I´ve tried several times rebooting the phone or changing the Wallpaper but didn´t figure out how to solve the problem. Any tipps? Greetz! Basti
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    Change dialer with google dialer, is it possible?

    if you set the google dialer as standard app for calls the calling screen is still from miui and that is most important for me to change because google dialer shows much more infos for callers which are not saved in my contact list ;)
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    the TWRP alfa is working fine... flash it via adb, formnat data, reboot to recovery anf flash rom... gives you an error at the end but it works... first boot needs some minuten so be patient ;)
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    [GUIDE][sweet] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

    i guess they removed it and will build a new one coz of the above mentioned bug ;)
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    [GUIDE][sweet] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

    after first try u usually have to wait 7 days / 168 h ;)
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    [GUIDE][mojito/sunny] How to install ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

    Thx! Can´t wait to flash... on Stock MIUI i´m missing some things from ;)