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    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    Sadly, MIUI has become a sh*t of a SO lately. Tons of deal breaking bugs, crap battery life. It's even worse for kenzo, that isn't going to get Android Oreo at all and a stable Nougat probably never or at least not this year. Unlike Mi4c, a 1 year older phone that has been on 7.x for more than...
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.29

    Didn't know that. Does it work for kenzo then? Link if yes, please?
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.29

    Does the ROM work with ZCX 3.0.2.x TWRP? Do I have to un/tick any option before installing?
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    [rom | Mod] Rom Kitchen Discussion Thread

    I'm also experiencing this. So I have to stay on TS CM13.1, which is awesome anwyay.
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    How To Downgrade From Miui 8 To Miui 7?

    Зачем? Ненавистников людей из России?
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    How To Downgrade From Miui 8 To Miui 7?

    Yes, haters of people never sleep.
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    How To Downgrade From Miui 8 To Miui 7?

    This worries me to death. I thought I'd upgrade from mi4c, but instead I got phone with worse screen, albeit better looking overall, frustrating as hack fingerprint sensor, which works 90% of the presses when it wants and 0% when it doesn't want, battery life issues, albeit the huge improvement...
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    Most Stable/compatible English Rom For My Mi4c 3gb/32gb

    There is no, only or
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    Feedback Cm13 Mi4c

    TS CM13 is an excellent ROM. Performance, battery life, standard AOSP look, it ticks the most important things. But it is a NO for me because I can't get my alaram application to work at all. And yes, I'm aware abut the MM permission system, it just doesn't seem to work for my alarm app. I'm...