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    MULTI 4.8.29

    i cant find unofficial sgs2 download link :(
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    MULTI 4.8.15

    is there still chance for unofficial i9100?
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    MULTI 4.8.1

    sms sync still doesnt work for sgs2. its like this for months
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    MULTI 4.7.11

    sgs2 cleared / wiped siyah kernel and its stuck on boot
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    MULTI 4.7.4

    where can i find the links to unofficial miui roms mentioned in the 1st post?
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    MULTI 3.11.22

    wheres non multi file to flash multi on top? i dont see release post for this one..
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    MULTI MIUI Multi lang 3.10.18

    damnit! for all this time i was downloading both... thanks for clearing this up :)
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    MULTI MIUI Multi lang 3.10.18

    wait, but does it mean i no longer need to install release and langpack afterwards?
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    MULTI MIUI Multi lang 3.10.18

    can i ask a question? why the langpack itself is bigger than whole full release?
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    New [sgs2] maximum cpu load when music app runs

    it doesnt even need to play any tune, as soon as i open music app it keeps my cpu at 1.2ghz as long as i dont force stop it, then its getting back to 200mhz. basically i cant listen to any music w/o my battery getting drained 100% to zero in ~2 hours.
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    New [sgs2] gps doesnt lock on sattelite

    with older miui and the latest aswell, i installed sammy 4.1.2 via odin and gps was working fine so its something inside miui, ive copied gps.conf and sirfgps.conf from sammy to miui afterwards, no change. any other ideas? ps. ive tried every "fix" ive managed to google in past 5 hours, clean...
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    New GPS won't lock (MIUIv5, SGS3, ROM 3.5.31)

    ive got exact same problem with galaxy s2, tho i got every option turned on, location via gps is stuck at searching for sattelite tho it never locks on any. 1st i got the phone (before miui) ive tested gps and it was working fine. now ill need it for cycling and it doesnt :O
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    New [Music app] album art download despite option disabled.

    hello, ive got this bug since like forever or atleast since v4. no matter what i do music app keeps downloading covers for my mp3s. Wouldt be a problem but it doesnt download the right ones most of the time. i disabled "download cover art" option in music app, i also denied internet acces...
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    i9100 beta was working almost flawelessly. this one is kinda nice if not keyboard that doesnt work (app is in system/app, doesnt show on titanium neither in settings camera FC when trying to run it neither music nor gallery app doesnt see any content (prolly mediaserver issue) those are which...
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    ok for ppl having problem with sgs2 beign locked after this rom installation this app helped me btw is it me or the music player no longer has an equalizer? :O
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    md5 matches fixed by downloading with different browser. but now i got sim lock issue as the guy from few posts earlier. emergency call only. does it mean this rom removed my sim unlock (or locked my sim again?)
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    official sgs2? WOWOW! TY!
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    Xiaomi Miui V5 Icon Design Format Information

    thanks for the sharing, making them is really easy now :)
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    Xiaomi Miui V5 Icon Design Format Information

    And this way we can have both fancy icons and our own set of miui based icons at one time :)
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    @Acid what do you mean by "MIUI v5 will be for other devices that have MIUI v4 JB"? if i understood correctly there will be no sgs2 v5 since it didnt have v4 jb?