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    Reset sorting images in Gallery

    Hello, I had a factory reset so installed the apps back. In photos I'm not having issue but when I restored WhatsApp, even I used Image and Video Date Fixer (premium), WhatsApp media is still on top in gallery. When I go to details of the picture, I see the data is back 2020, but in gallery is...
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    How to disable adaptive color scheme on Mi11T Pro - accent color changes automatically based on wallpaper dominant color

    Hi, I've installed latest version of ROM from releases page to my Mi11T Pro. After that color scheme started to adapt to my wallpaper. For example when the wallpaper is the default one from the default theme, everything is as I wanted, accent colors etc. But when I change the wallpaper to a...
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    Hi, After installing the current rom from the list or Mi11T pro, default color for dark background (for icons, checkbox, even in gmail app) turned from black to maroon. How can I revert it?
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    OK, but around a half year ago some people reported incostincencies with Magisk and TWRP. Anyone has both and no issues? About the installation of Magisk after TWRP, can I choose "Direct Install (recommended)" option?
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    I've found twrp-3.6.2_12-v5.6_A12-vili-skkk.img for my MI11T Pro. If I install this, will it make any issues with Magisk? So far I was installing Magisk via patching the boot.img. After installing TWRP, will I be able to install Magisk directly?
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    Hi, So far I was installing rom to Mi11T Pro in fastboot method. But xiaomi.eu_multi_XM11TPro_V13.0.6.0.SKDMIXM_v13-12 has no fastboot files in it. Will be any fastboot mode update or how to install it?
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    Best Backup App for Mi11T Pro?

    Is there any working twrp for that device? People say that they had issues with Magisk after installing twrp.
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    Best Backup App for Mi11T Pro?

    Hello, I have to turn my MI11T Pro to repair under guaantee, but the service guys are formatting the device by default. Could you suggest me a backup / sync app (referably with PC) to make one click backup / restore? Thanks
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    Mi 11T Pro - Screen Burn In?

    Hello, I've bought Mi11T Pro in January, after latest software update I've noticed some screen burn in like shadows on the some parts of the screen. Today I've asked to some after warranty service and he said that it was a software issue and I am supposed to reset my phone to the factory...
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    MIUI overrides notification sound of apps to the default notification sound

    Hi, I have MIUI13 (upgraded from 12.x) on my MI11T Pro. Normally every app has its own notification sound. But on my phone every app uses the default notification sound from sound settings. How can I turn off the unifying notification sound of each app?
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    MIUI 13 For Mi11T Pro?

    Is there any ETA for MIUI13 rom for Xiaomi Mi11t Pro? It exists in the supported devices list but no link available for rom. Thanks
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    Invalid Temperature in the status bar for weather apps

    Thank you... It solved my problem.
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    Invalid Temperature in the status bar for weather apps

    Hello, On Mi11T Pro I've installed So far works ok. But in any weathe applications I cannot see the temperature on status bar. For example Accuweather. It shows the app icon but not the temperature like on my other phones. Any...