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  1. CeaVictor

    Google Play updates

    Same problem since the end of November. Even with other ROMs, it is clear that it does not depend on the EU but on Google. But I have contacted them several times and they give me absurd solutions that are of no use. Any news on this?
  2. CeaVictor

    [Suggestion] Battery optimization for future MIUI / HyperOS updates

    Hello! It would be good to include, for example, the possibility of deactivating fast charging, stopping charging when it reaches 80% or an alarm when charging is complete, % determined by the user. These are functions that I saw in other ROMs and it would be great to include them here.Thank you.
  3. CeaVictor

    New Google play app (APKs) no update

    Hello. As I explained a few days ago, since November, native Xiaomi apps such as Mi Video or APKs installed outside of Google Play have shown performances. Being impossible to update. I think there are more users affected. I'm writing again because today I contacted Google Play on Twitter and as...
  4. CeaVictor

    Tutorial Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to comment that this method, at least in Spain, does not work with Caixabank. The app works perfectly but you need another app to validate "Caixabank Sign" operations and this one does not work with the current method. I'm sorry because I had to uninstall Root...
  5. CeaVictor

    Magisk+Caixabank Sign

    Happy Holidays. I had never tried Magisk and I have done so in the last few days. Everything was great, even the Netflix app. But my banking app, specifically the signature, Caixabank Sign, does not work with Root. I have allowed this app in Magisk, I have also hidden it and it is impossible...
  6. CeaVictor

    Backup apps and desktop configuration

    Hello everyone. Hello. Any way to backup apps and desktop configuration? icons, wallpaper etc. Since Google only makes copies of the apps. Thank you!
  7. CeaVictor

    Device not certified Mi11

    Hello everyone. First of all, thank you for your work. I just updated this ROM: xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11_V14.0.10.0.TKBCNXM_v14-13 Upload Date: Dec 04, 2023 | 06:01PM Google Play Protect indicates: Device not certified. For what is this? Thank you
  8. CeaVictor

    New Error while updating app

    It's been happening to me for days too. I don't know what it is due to. I have even done a Hard reset in case it was a phone failure. Any solution? Thank you.
  9. CeaVictor

    Invalid Unknown SSID Mi11 V.14.0.9

    Yes correct, that's it. Sorry. Thanks!
  10. CeaVictor

    Invalid Unknown SSID Mi11 V.14.0.9

    Solved. It was a MIUI 14 permissions issue.
  11. CeaVictor

    Invalid Unknown SSID Mi11 V.14.0.9

    Yes. MIUI 14.0.9 TKBCNKM
  12. CeaVictor

    Invalid Unknown SSID Mi11 V.14.0.9

    The apps return the message "Unknown SSID" so it is impossible to configure some devices.