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  1. Mish

    Mi Explorers Travel Journal - Andi Hope "My first post, as one of the first past the winning post!"

    Congrats! Can't wait to see you in Spain, we'll have a crazy time there as #MiExplorers
  2. Mish

    MULTI 5.11.26

    Dear user, instead of talk s**t about other people's work you download and use for ******* FREE, try to really help doing useful work and show some respect. You say "italian translations really sucks"? Well, don't use it. Have you a ******* idea how many hours everyday this s**t costs to me and...
  3. Mish

    MULTI 5.3.20

    You made my day.
  4. Mish

    Mms.apk Bigger Font

  5. Mish

    Mms.apk Bigger Font

    Maybe you don't know that but V6 translation you are using on your Mi2 is provided and mantained by
  6. Mish

    Mms.apk Bigger Font

    Fixed, thanks Acid and Miro.
  7. Mish

    Mms.apk Bigger Font

    I'll look into this.
  8. Mish

    MULTI 3.12.27

  9. Mish

    Xiaomi MI FAN BBQ / Meetup? (Europe)

    MIUI Italy is in ;)
  10. Mish

    Xiaomi MI FAN BBQ / Meetup? (Europe)

  11. Mish

    Xiaomi heading to Xiaomi next week

    Good luck Mark, enjoy the trip, I'm sure it will be amazing. See you on you'll be back in Europe ;)
  12. Mish

    Xiaomi MIUI V5 PSDs by MarkHUK

    Man, Compass PNGs are just...AWESOME !
  13. Mish

    Xiaomi MIUI V5 PSDs by MarkHUK

    Great work, thank you very much bro !
  14. Mish

    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 3.2.8 [ICS & JB]

    Thanks ingbrzy for your support :) It's a green world !
  15. Mish


    Yea, we all know chinese ROMs are up, thanks :)
  16. Mish


    Keep pressing F5 and you'll find it out.
  17. Mish


    Maybe it's the hangover, devs already started to party with alcol and other "things" for New Year's coming x_x Just kidding, of course, let's see what happen :)
  18. Mish

    How can I get Google Play Market on my Xioami M2?

    Actually if it's only Google Play what you need you can extract the .apk from the .zip and install it manually, but yea, on a JB ROM you have to flash JB Gapps. But first, is important to know what MIUI version you're running, chinese from ? JBL ? Or what else. If you have chinese one...
  19. Mish

    can't register for xiaomi account...

    We reported to Xiaomi this problem (many international users got same issues) and they fixed, now it should works fine. Sent from my Xiaomi MI-2 with Tapatalk 2