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    Finished updates?
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    It's based on the Official recovery release, no official fastboot release yet
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    Cannot flash

    I flashed it and there's a bug when switching between light and dark modes
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    Same device here. The issues is resolved when clean flashing. One method (guaranteed fix for me); Flash the ROM on which the latest stable here is built upon, activate, setup no internet except to verify, enable developer options, then move on to flashing the Xiaomi EU stable. Second method...
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    Lmi update

    You DO realise you can just Google that information?
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    [HowTo] Customize your device

    Thank you!
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    Latest Xiaomi MiPhoneAssistant (PC Suite) (ENG)

    There's this;
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    Lmi update

    Up until fairly recently updates for POCO F2 PRO/Redmi K30 PRO/lmi were pushed quite often and was included in the Weekly builds. It is now EOL, but factoring in rumours online of it coming back on for updates for when MIUI 13/Android 13, MIUI 14/Android 13 comes out we'll have to wait and see.
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    MIUI 12.6 21.6.23

    Weird not seeing the K30Pro/PocoF2Pro yet but I'll be patient for that file manager app redesign!
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    MIUI 12.6 21.5.20/21

    Wait for the thread bro
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    MIUI 12.3 20.12.2

    PATTERN UNLOCK ONLY METHOD. I'm on Poco F2 Pro 8GB. Try these from my OneDrive. Recoveries The recovery.img is a fastboot only TWRP for lmi/Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro. Boot into that recovery with; fastboot boot recovery.img After that, copy and paste the Pitch Black Recovery img to your phone and...
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    OTA to 20.12.2 from 20.11.12, lmi

    Hey everyone, what TWRP version do I need to use to flash OTA updates? I'm on this; And want to go to this via the built in updater;
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    [GUIDE][POCO F2 Pro] How to pass SafetyNet on Android 11 and Magisk

    I can't speak for that device as I don't have it nr is this the correct thread for it.
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    [GUIDE][POCO F2 Pro] How to pass SafetyNet on Android 11 and Magisk

    I followed the above instructions and had success as well. 1. Flashed "" with "recovery-TWRP-3.4.2B-0623-REDMI_K30PRO-CN-wzsx150.img" 2. Reboot. 3. Complete the first setup, add wifi and activate, do the bear minimum setup to go faster, you...