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  1. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 24.5.6/7

    not really, I also dont have battery issues Only problem for me is the charging speed (doesnt go beyond 2000mA) so its quite slow
  2. Kyestrika

    Xiaomi watch 2 PRO

    I have the same watch, and I get around two days of battery life. I primarily connect it to my phone via Bluetooth as well. My other settings: Bluetooth No Always-On, only activate on raise (this helps a lot) Sleep analysis Heart rate monitoring Simple black watch interface
  3. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.27/30

    Don't know. I was never asked for a pin. Can you share a screenshot?
  4. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.27/30

    You have to turn on precise location for Xiaomi Home App Settings -> privacy protection -> location -> approximate location TURN ON After this you can set precise location for Xiaomi Home App (Permissions -> Location) And try to connect your camera again
  5. Kyestrika

    Xiaomi Home wont find any devices

    You have to enable approximately location in privacy protection lab For HyperOS Settings -> privacy protection -> location -> approximately location ON
  6. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16 Just follow the instructions for "Devices with Dedicated Recovery Partitions (A/B)" here: It's also important to use these linked "fastboot tool"
  7. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    I switched to the twrp version and it worked straight away.
  8. Kyestrika

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    Also have the same problem with shennong. The phone goes back into fastboot mode immediately after the process. I also tried @fededb solution, but it didn't work for me. I also tried different USB-Ports, cables and computers. Device is unlocked. Flash process log: You are going to wipe your...
  9. Kyestrika

    Invalid Can't download fonts

    Did you try to clear all app data in "App Info"? This worked for me
  10. Kyestrika

    New xiaomi 12 pro theme error download 300004

    Had the same problem. Clear all data from Themes App and try again
  11. Kyestrika

    MIUI 13 22.3.23/24

    Settings -> Home Screen -> Home Screen Search Bar -> switch to off
  12. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.6 21.10.20/22

    Open WhatsApp -> Tap the green circle at the bottom right –> tap the three dots at the top -> refresh
  13. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.6 21.10.20/22

    I had the problems too Just try to refresh your contacts in WhatsApp
  14. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.6 21.10.20/22

    Xiaomi Mi 11, dirty flash The camera doesn’t work anymore. As soon as I take a picture, the app crashes. The captured image cannot be saved. No pictures are saved, which I download via Pinterest, for example. Screenshots don’t work anymore. When I try to make one, it says “Couldn’t save. ”...
  15. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.0 20.6.4

    Has a very fluid effect so far. I only noticed one thing: An app icon (AFK Arena) disappeared after installation, even though it is installed Mix 2 Gesendet von meinem MIX 2 mit Tapatalk
  16. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    First of all, Rom is going very well. I just don't know if that's the case with others, but sometimes the lower icons disappear completely. This can be fixed by entering and leaving the app Drawer Device: Mix 2 Gesendet von meinem MIX 2 mit Tapatalk
  17. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    I also found the picture, but you have to buy it, if there is no watermark on it. But the flower is called Gerbera. Hope you can find a pretty one Gesendet von meinem MIX 2 mit Tapatalk
  18. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.0 20.5.7

    I don't know if this is a new feature but the volume slider doesn't disappear after a while. I have to touch the screen manually Mi Mix 2 Gesendet von meinem MIX 2 mit Tapatalk
  19. Kyestrika

    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    The security update is from 01-09-2019