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  1. msm

    Volume button wake on Nexus S?

    I used MIUI when I was on a Nexus One but now I'm on a Nexus S and I'd like to use MIUI again, but haven't been able to find a mod so that it's possible to wake the phone by pressing the volume buttons. So...does such a mod exist?
  2. msm

    Powers up in flight mode

    Ever since I began using MIUI my N1 boots up in flight mode. At first it would automatically switch back to normal so the mobile signal would get activated, but on version 1.6.24 I manually have to deactivate flight mode after every reboot. What causes this issue?
  3. msm

    Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**

    I second that + I'd like to see an option to answer a call with trackball on my N1. That's probably mentioned in this thread earlier on but can't be bothered looking for it :-)
  4. msm

    File Manager disappeared in 1.6.24

    Could be a possible bug but I'm not sure; I can't locate File Manager in version 1.6.24. Anyone else experience this?
  5. msm

    Remove notification bar clock

    In an earlier version of MIUI it was possible to remove the clock in the notification bar. I've been trying to find out if it's possible to do this in the latest version but have been unable to find info. Is it possible?