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    Lockscreen (1.4.8)

    You are right. In Lockscreen Style: Online Lockscreen Styles there is nothing to download. The Online Lockscreen Styles section is brand new this week I think. Many of the .png files that are used in theming the lockscreen have changed in the past week or two. I guess the themers have not...
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    Connect my PC by USB for internet

    It's in Menu: Settings: System: Tethering and Portable Hotspot. I haven't tried it lately, but that's where it is.
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    Changing the .zip file to .mtz?

    An .mtz file is a .zip file that's been renamed. If you rename the .zip file to .mtz without doing any extracting you should be OK.
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    You are welcome. I decided to look into this special Samusung Helvetica font rumor just to see if it was true or an urban myth. Here's what I discovered. - You can buy Helvetica Neue in the Android Market for 99 cents. It's official and licensed by Monotype Co...
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    There is a Helvetica Neue from the iPhone in another thread. It's got some spacing issues but in general it works. And Arimo on the first page of this thread isn't bad. I'd say it's...
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    The Font Book app on the Mac provides a lot of data on fonts: version number, manufacturer, etc. All of that info looks the same on the font you linked to as on Helvetice Neue on my Mac. And when the poster in the linked post says, "I have it on my laptop... Having to get a dfont splitter to get...
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    It's Helvetica Neue, copied from a Mac, and a paid font.
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    [Request] Render Effect (CM)

    I was able to get Color Calibrator to work in MIUI on my N1. That was before MIUI upgraded to Gingerbread though. I don't know if it still works. If the link doesn't show up, search for android color calibrator.
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    Top Bar Battery Issue

    After a little while = after you pull down the notification area. That's what causes the blank space to reappear. I'm sure it will get fixed.
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    Help please

    +1 for this answer. The Date and Time settings on my Nexus One running today's version of MIUI do not affect the lockscreen time. It's always 24 hour, and has been since the new lockscreen was introduced. I haven't seen an update pack with a 12 hour clock for the lockscreen either. Got a link to...
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    An Introduction to MIUI?

    There was an article on CNet a while back that summarizes things pretty well: The article is a bit out of date. One unusual thing about MIUI is that it is not finished yet and it changes quickly, from...
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    Black menu's while scrolling

    Thank you! That worked for me. I was having the black menu problem in QuickCalendar.
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    How to remove message counter?

    Sorry my advice didn't help. I think eventually people will start to theme the new sms app. Then you should be able to find what you want. You could try it now in Theme Manager: Edit: Text Style: Online: Latest. I suspect, though, that even the latest online themes may not theme the new SMS app...
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    How to remove message counter?

    A couple of things you can try. I don't know if they will work: - In the standard SMS app, settings, make sure Notifications is turned off. - Preferences: Settings: Program Settings: Default Programs: Default SMS, try to choose Go sms.
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    A couple of fonts that look pretty good on my phone are Century Gothic and Book Antiqua. I'm not sure if they are free or not, but most people with Windows or Microsoft Office have them.
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    Security of MIUI Rom

    I don't know how to evaluate code to see if it is malicious. I don't know how to build my own ROM from source code and then compare that with the build that the open source ROM maker released. I don't even know how to build a ROM from source code. The point is that, when I download a ROM I...
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    I think the Droid Eris is a nice little phone. The smaller 320 x 480 screen size makes it difficult to port MIUI to it. Many graphics files would have have to be resized to fit the smaller screen.
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    Where are Boot Animations Stored??

    my vote is for SDCard/MIUI/theme/ This is where themes, fonts, and other things downloaded with Theme manager are stored. I think that Theme Manager will download a complete theme that the boot animation is in. So you'll have to take the theme apart to get at the file.
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    edit icons??

    The easiest way is to put the icons in a theme. You can use Theme Manager to install the complete theme, or if you select "Edit Theme" you can install icons only. Themes are .zip files with the extension changed from .zip to .mtz. To learn more, grab a theme with icons, change the extension back...
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    Force Close When Rating Apps In Market | 1.3.25

    Yes, I have this problem on my Nexus One.