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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    MOD not working Hello, I've flashed latest version (1.12.16) on my HD2 and nothing changed - the lockscreen is still there. Any leads? TIA
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    Can't change theme components selection

    Hi All, When I enter Settings -> Themes and turn different theme components on or off, after pressing Apply all changes are reversed, nothing is saved. Any clue? TIA
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    Disabling/Removing lock screen

    Hello, I have defined a pattern screen which makes the lock screen unnecessary, even annoying. Is there a way to disable or completely remove it? I found apps on the market that suppose to do that but they don't work on MIUI. (HD2/1.11.18) TIA
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    MIUI Wish List

    Option to disable lock screen if pattern screen defined. CM7 has it, very helpful.
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    Hi, First of all I wanted to say big thankyou to roenano for his excelent work. Also, is there a chance that the RTL fix will become a permanent part of MIUI?