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    Poco X3 GT

    Hello everyone, TL,DR: Are there plans to bring to the Poo X3 GT? I know it will always take a while for the community to adopt a new phone, so I'm not asking for a particular time and date. I just ask generally "at some point" because I know that some phones just don't see community...
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    Xiaomi ROMs in an Android Emulator

    Hi there, I would like to have something to run experiments on, which I of course would not want to do on my daily driver. Is there someone out there who managed to run or MIUI on an Android emulator? Best Starflower
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    New Skype not receiving notifications

    I reported a week ago that Skype is behaving weirdly on Stock MIUI here I then decided to just give a shot and I found that whatever I do to the energy...
  4. S English Australia locale

    Hello Mei, thanks for your response. By now I had it installed for a short while and figured it out myself ;-) Unfortunately I did not stay with it because similar to stock MIUI Skype notifications did not work. I posted about it here before...
  5. S English Australia locale

    Cool, thanks for double checking. I asked because MIUI Stock only has US and UK, but not Aussie...
  6. S English Australia locale

    Hi lolo, First of all thank you for your response. And it is good to know doesn't use this region locking for features. However I meant whether the ROM has a language setting "English (Australia)" like it has for example "English (United States)" and "English (United Kingdom)" which...
  7. S English Australia locale

    Hi, I have found this slightly outdated post about language settings: Is there an option for "English (Australia)" in the current MIUI 11 releases? Best regards Starflower
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    New Interactive Notification issues (Stock ROM, want to switch to

    Hi community, Let me first describe a Bug that I am currently facing with the Stock ROM. Then I would like to ask a few things in relation to how this might change if I installed the ROM. For Stock MIUI It has been a known issue that some apps don't display notifications...