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    European Gateway with China only devices

    The european gateway can be bought for example here: It's also availbe in official euopean...
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    European Gateway with China only devices

    At the moment, I have an chinese gateway with MI Door sensors but also with fire detectors.. As I know, these fire detectors are not sold in Europe, so can I use them with an european gateway? I'm thinking about buying an european gateway to be able to use EU server...
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    Invalid Bug in rom release description (every week)

    Bloatware on every device / rom is there but you don't have to use it... And what's up to the rest? I think a honest comparison between EU rom and global rom makes more sense. Many people are asking what are the benefits of using EU rom, so they could read it.
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    Invalid Bug in rom release description (every week)

    I found that there are many things under "Our ROMs features (Whats not in Global)" what is not true (any longer), but it is repeated every week. The following points listed are already in the global rom (perhaps I forgot some points because I don't know all): Enabled search gesture (swipe up)...
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    HINT - Enavling VoLTE and VoWIFI on MIUI V10 roms!

    Yes, VoLTE works without any problem when the carrier check is turned off by this code (tested in Germany on o2 and Telekom). VoWIFI does not work on my Mix 2, but there are users with Pocophone, Mi8 and Mix 2s who managed to enable it working, but there is some more work to do because the...
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    Mi Home gateway no sound / alarm

    Tried a couple of times in the past and did not work.. Now, I was in holiday for 2 weeks and when I came back on Tuesday, the sound still worked and works until now... Perhaps the bugs has gone.
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    New Safety net test failed

    Perhaps you rooted with SuperSU?
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    Mi Home gateway no sound / alarm

    I have two Mi Home Gateways, both configured independently from each other in different networks / locations / Mi Accounts. Both worked without any problem, but sice a few weeks both have one problem. Normally when you turn on /off alarm, there is a sound. Now this works not always any more...
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    MIUI 10 8.8.16

    Steht schon auf der ersten Seite in der Bugliste. And this is an english board!
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    MIUI 10 8.8.2/3

    No problem on Mix2, Google Photos is syncing. Did you allow autostart and start in background for Google Photos App?
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    MIUI 10 8.6.14/16/18/20

    Thanks for the rom! Everything working perfect on Mix 2, also battery consumption. Only 2 problems, like already mentioned lockscreen notifications. Second problem is wallpaper carousell with online pictures does not work. Can anybody confirm?
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    Volte In 4g Only Mode

    I have Mix 2 with latest Stable rom. VoLTE is working in Germany with o2. When I set network preferece to 4G only (over *#*#4636#*#*), VoLTE stopps working. Is this normal or is it a bug?
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    Stable Miui 9.5.2

    I did a clean install and face unlock also not there. In the Developer Rom that I had before it was there, but it's crap. It recognized me fast and everytime. Problem was also my brother was recognized and no we are no twins and he looks definitely different from me.
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    MIUI 9.3 8.2.1

    I'm missing this option in latest Mix 2 Stable. Is it only availbe in Weekly rom or only on other phones?
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    Latest Rom For Mi Note Virgo?

    Mi Note and Mi Note Pro are listed as End of Life here. Don't know why, but seems that no new rom will be released. I switched to Multirom, 9.2 is availbe there.
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    Latest Rom For Mi Note Virgo?

    Same for my wife's Mi Note Pro.. Please release at least stables versions..
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    Update stopped support for Mi Pad 1/2/3. Use Multirom for Mipad 1, here is a manual on the site (in russian, posted a picture with english translation. Rom is Multilanguage): This worked for me an rom is great. Only step 1.4 is not described...
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    Mijia Home Apps Support

    I'm also using Mi Home Gateway, shared it to my wife (we are both on Android/MIUI). She can see the gateway but can't use Profiles, I added and can't add own Profiles.. Seems to me that although Xiaomi phones are great, Mi Home software is full of bugs and crappy :-( Same for the Mi 360° Webcam...
  19. P Stable Ota Update??

    I have stable on Mi Note Pro (leo). Got notification that an OTA update is available (ca. 50MB). I wonder because normaly roms OTA should be full file size and is not yet available to download here. Should I do the update or is there a bug that it wants to...
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    Sim Card Issues With Mix 2 And Telekom (de)

    I had the same problem in Mi Note Pro and Mi5s, SIM dead after 2-4 weeks. I found a solution. Go to the Telekom Shop, describe the problem and say that you need a "C/T6"-SIM-Card. This card type seems to be compatible with our phones, have it since 10 months and never had a problem with it.