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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    Thanks! It's a "big" font like Helvetica. It suffers from the same clipped, lowercase "g," "y," etc.
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    Easier way to move apps to folders?

    Have you used the Backup app? You can backup your desktop layout, you know (among many other things). Also, there was a feature added a week or two ago where if you shake the phone, it will arrange your apps. I haven't used it yet since I backup and restore my desktop layout every week.
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    Exchange 2010 Support

    I have no problems connecting to our Exchange 2010 server at work. Are you sure you're doing it right?
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    Miren Browser Can't COPY Text??? [Solved]

    I'm not trying to derail the thread, but is there a way to get the browser to load pages auto-fitting the screen width like the vanilla browser? Having to zoom out all the time sucks.
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    Can the desktop setup be backedup

    This is one of my top favorite features of MIUI. The backup app, in general, allows me to fully wipe each week and restore quickly. I prevent more issues this way.
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    Yes. The way I change the size of the font is to modify the ttf. That said, it seems that MIUI overrides this type of modification in some areas by forcing the height of a font to be a certain size. I have reduced a few fonts, and it only seems to make it narrower but not shorter no matter...
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    Why so iPhone-like?

    *Puts on patented ItlnStln flame suit* One thing the iPhone has, in spades, over Android IMO is usability. MIUI addresses this by having an iPhone-like launcher. That said, MIUI also does many other things that expand on Android and make it much more powerful than the iPhone. Like others...
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    [BUG][1.6.3] Improper notification icon showing

    I'm seeing this too. It's very annoying, IMHO.
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    Feature to Have Widget Folder in Alphabetical Order?

    I've always liked how CM handles Widgets where you see a list the Widgets by category, and when you click on one, you get a list of the "sub-Widgets." For example, when the widget list is invoked by long-pressing the screen, I see one entry for something like Beautiful Widgets and when I press...
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    I'll dig a little deeper into the ID3 tags tonight. It's just weird because every time I select an album, the songs always come up in a different order; there's no consistent pattern to it. Thanks for your help.
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    I'm thinking that might be the problem, but I'll need to check. I'll play around more with the app today, and check my ID3 tags and see what's going on. Thanks. EDIT: I checked my ID3s and they're all clean. This morning, everything was in a random-ass order like I had shuffle on or...
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    New Music Player (1.4.8)

    Is there a way to make the music app play an album in track order by file name or track number? On some of my albums, it plays the songs in order by song title.
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    Bluetooth 1.3.5 problems

    Are you using a Gingerbread kernel (2.35.x-2.37.x)? If so, that's why. You would need to use a 2.32.x-based kernel. I don't have a Desire, so I can't really help on a specific kernel, but that should get you started.
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    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    What I got out of it was that they were losing hair trying to build a GB MIUI in a week. Now they only have 5 hairs left. Google Translate FTW.
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    Gingerbread-Based MIUI?

    Google Translated, it's cryptic at best, but it seems that they might be considering using CM7 as the base. If so, I wonder if WiMAX support could be "baked in" more easily. I keep switching back and forth from CM7 and MIUI because of WiMAX. I like the speed of 4G (I live in a good WiMAX...
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    Just for clarification, it's "Salvage-Mod." I initially misspelled it. I'm too used to Savaged-Zen.
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    Salvage-Mod on the Evo 4G (basically a completely vanilla GB ROM) is very fast. Definitely faster than many of the Froyo ROMs I've tried. I just think it depends on who is creating the specific ROM and what kind of changes, if any, they are making. In the case of CM7, there are quite a few...