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    Redmi Note 10 Pro: Decrypting .sa files from miui/gallery/cloud/secretAlbum

    I have some files in my miui/gallery/cloud/secretAlbum that are encrypted and in .sa format. Does anyone know how to decrypt them? The gallery doesn't show any images in the Private Folder but there are some images in there that I'd like to recover.
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    Is there any fix for battery drain on Redmi Note 10 Pro ?

    Same here. The battery drain has been horrible. I used to comfortably go thru the day with a single charge in the morning followed by a 15 minute topup in the evening before I switched. Now, I can't go anywhere without carrying the charger.....
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    Charge Speed Low after switching to

    I just switched to MIUI 14 Stable on my Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet). I noticed that the charging speed has become slow - I use Accu-Battery to keep an eye on my charging data and I noticed that after I switched my phone has been charging at 68% per hour rather than the peak 108% per hour...
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    Well, since it came for EEA, we know that it will come for Global too. And that means that it has high chances of coming to as well. All you gotta do is wait for it mate.
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    Been using the Global ROM for my Note 10 Pro (sweet) for as long as I can remember. Thinking of switching to ROM once the MIUI 14 Stable comes out!