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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    For Mi 9T Pro, the ROM is labeled as "Mi 9T Pro" or still "K20 Pro"?
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    [Question] Viper4Android in MIUI 12 (weekly)

    Hello, has anyone installed successfully Viper4Android in MIUI 12 (latest) weekly? If anyone could, please post a guide, thank you
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    New Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro - Reboot after turning on flashlight in lockscreen and turning off the screen

    I had this weird bug that randomly happens, but when it happens it can be replicated again only after a short ammount of time, so I did a log replicating this bug turning on the flashlight and turning off the screen. Here's the log:
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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.21

    I thought it was just me, it happened to me about 3 times, but in just one day
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    Redmi K20 Pro to Mi 9T Pro conversion patch (MIUI 11 & 12)

    Is this compatible with the latest 20.4.30 Xiaomi EU rom?
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    Redmi K20 Pro to Mi 9T Pro conversion patch (MIUI 11 & 12)

    Working pretty good on 20.3.27 without having to reflash the ROM, thank you so much :D
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    MIUI 11.2 20.2.20 v2

    Love the new animations! And it seems that the grey bar that appeared while opening an app is gone! Thank you so much for your work
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    You're wrong, MIUI 11 is fully compatible with exFAT format. He only needs another file explorer. Or just tap the USB drive notification.
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    Happened to me a few minutes ago, I just did a reboot and everything went back to normal
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    Redmi K20 Pro to Mi 9T Pro conversion patch (Miui 11)

    Patch working on 20.1.21 v3, waiting on Camera patch, if it ever becomes available :)
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    Oh man, that's terrible
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    Invalid Fortnite is not working

    If you're using Magisk for root, try using 'Magisk Hide' for Fortnite
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    MIUI 11.1 9.12.19

    What was the issue with AOD?
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    Troubles with Mi Band 3

    Is anyone else having trouble with Mi Band 3 bluetooth connection in the latest stable build? I have to unpair and re-pair everytime I reboot the phone, and it's very annoying. I don't know if it's my Mi Band or the ROM, or something else.
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    New Battery drain miui 11 redmi k20

    In MIUI 11 global ROM, I had 3% drain over 7 hours at night with flight mode and battery saver, with last stable ROM I have over 10% drain
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    I was hoping to see the bold text bug fixed, but nope, it remains there (K20 Pro everything else it's working good.
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    New MI 9T PRO - MIUI 11.0.3 global - Camera app crashes when trying to record a video

    So you have stock ROM or custom Xiaomi.EU rom?
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    You should use EdXposed, you can find the modules needed in Magisk: Riru Core, EdXposed - Sandhook (recommended) and the EdXposed Manager:
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    Publish it in the bugs section so you can draw the devs attention