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    Xiaomi 14 Pro and Nova Launcher

    Hello, I just got Xiaomi 14 Pro with HyperOS, but I can't change the default launcher. It said only verified launcher would be supported. So I wonder anyone here has bypassed this limitation, including root? Thanks
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    Does Shizuku work on HyperOS China version?

    Hello, I'm gonna migrate all the apps from Mix2s to Xiaomi 14 Pro and gonna use Swift Backup to do it. I don't want to root the Xiaomi 14 Pro so I think Shizuku is the only option. So I just wonder if Shizuku works on HyperOS China ROM yet?
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    Migration App suggestion like Mi Mover but also working for app data

    How about using Shizuku for non-root solution?
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    Find Device Storage Corrupted, Your Device is Unsafe Now

    The 2nd method worked perfectly on my Mix2s MIUI 9.6 stable, many thanks !
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    Install or flash Mi Roaming on's ROM ?

    Hello, Can I install or flash Mi Roaming on's ROM ?
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    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    So inconvenient, missing the notification shade from Samsung phones.
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    Eu Rom For Mi Mix 2s

    Does it support notification expanding ?