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    New Fingerprint locks phone

    Hey I have a Redmi note 11 NFC and when I touch the fingerprint scanner it locks the phone. I don't press the off button, in only put my finger in the fingerprint scanner and it locks
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    Does the new rebuild MIUI 14 need play integrity fix?

    Is the new rebuild of the miui 14 need magisk and the play integrity fix?
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    New Notification locked

    Hi guys, I use Redmi note 11 NFC (spesn). My current rom version is Since I moved to xiaomi device, my game notification is locked as seen in the picture. Other apps is normal. My old phone is able to turn it on. Is this about rom/mobile bug or app bug? I would like to know how to...
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    New McDonald's app bot working

    When I ebter the app McDonald's it tells me that I might have a global version, the app must be installed on Google play. I have the app installed on Google play and I keep getting the same error.