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    Installation / update of system applications through apk

    Yes, maybe true, but my phone not getting new updates anymore (K30 Pro Zoom - lmi), and last update released 5 Dec 2023 shows that 3 system apps (Mi Browser, Mi Music and Mi Video) want update via Play Store. Just want to get rid of that as it can't update due to being a system app.
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    [INFO] Known Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    It's just that this happened once before as I recall on a previous build, but was fixed on a newer build. Now shows again after updating to there-release of the same ROM (4 Dec 2023), and will also not be fixed due to it being the last build for my phone (Redmi K30 Pro Zoom - lmi pro -...
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    Hi. Did you perhaps get this fixed, as I have same issue?
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    F4 - friendly reminder - stay away from the newly updated Stable build from 2023-12-04

    Yes I also have the same Mi apps not updating issue on my Redmi K30 pro. Also as if my speaker is also softer since the latest update (2023-12-04).
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    K30 Pro Zoom flash K30 pro Rom

    Hi yes use the K30 Pro, also have the zoom edition and is 100% working.
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    MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 STABLE RELEASE

    I updated to latest TWRP (twrp-3.2.3-1-wayne.img) and re-installed the update, seems to have resolved my problem. Overall response back to normal again!
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    MIUI in Xiaomi Mi A2?

    As far as I know the hardware on the MI 6X (which runs MIUI) is identical, however if I understand correctly the way the storage is formatted is different. I have read that it is possible to change, but not sure if it will work with this firmware. Links: English: Español: XDA Thread...
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    MIUI 10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4 STABLE RELEASE

    Hi, After updating my MI 6X to 10.2.1, it is very laggy compared to before. Overall response is definitely slower. Was on 10.0.2 before which was working well.