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    Cannot add W-Lan Certificate

    Hey, normally the function "Install from SD" in settings searches for a certificate on sd card and installs it. But when i'm trying it just says "No certificates found". I'm using the same certificates which worked in the past. The second way i used to add a certificate is to download it...
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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    hey guys. I'm using more than one music player. MIUI Music for my mp3s and Simfy for music-streaming. Is it possible to make the mod work for both? or can i change the standard-player in an easy way? (i don't know how to make simfy the standard-player because its not able to play music-files...
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    Adjust Media-Volume?

    Is it possible to adjust the media-volume? I cannot find it in settings. But sometimes i'd like to switch the media-volume down before starting a game and not while sound is played already.
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    Aren't mp3-files scanned?

    Okay. I solved it. It only scans media/audio/ and media/audio/'one following folder'. Mp3-files in this folders are registered in file-browser and music-player. Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    Aren't mp3-files scanned?

    Yes there's a list. But I cannot change the places or add a place. There are the folders listed with flac-files inside (Extra Media Scanner is installed). The file browser app of miui shows also all music-files on sd-card and in there are also only the flacs. Sent from my HTC Desire using the...
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    Aren't mp3-files scanned?

    Seems like flac-files have been scanned from Extra Media Scanner. After uninstalling EMS there were no files in music database. With EMS only the flac-files. Does miui only scan one specific folder or what am I doing wrong? Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App
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    Aren't mp3-files scanned?

    Hey. It seems that miui only scans flac-files but not mp3-files. Can I change a setting somewhere or is it a bug? Thx Sent from my HTC Desire using the Forums App