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    Device is stuck in a bootloop, TWRP is unable to mount storage. How do I fix this without losing my data ?

    Hello guys, So my devices is stuck in a bootloop, I want to reflash the ROM but I need a backup first. Things I've tried to fix bootloop that didn't work: 1) Re-flashed the boot.img 2) Re-flashed the vbmeta.img 3) Wiping cache through TWRP Recovery 4) Things I've tried to back up my...
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    Installed SB Patcher, now device won't boot.

    Hello guys, I really need your help here I don't know what to do. This is an android problem, specifically on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. I installed busybox SB Patcher (which is a modified version of lucky patcher from sbenny. com). I tried to use it and it crashed, after that all the apps on my phone...