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    What is the Anti Stranger Mode??

    Well, if u ever let borrow ur phone to ur girlfriend and perhaps u have some naughty SMS, or had call ur ex, well this feature let's u hide calls SMS and contacts and it also don't show upcoming SMS. Once u disable it it go backs to normal and shows u everything again..
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    New app (in Chinese) in 4.22

    Really weird .. I got a notification from that app and I tapp on it and it download like an update for the camera
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    Official english MIUI site launched

    This is really good news
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    Lock screen

    Ok people I know everyone or almost everyone is running gb by now so everyone have the gb lock screen .. I got a question about that.. You all know when u press, lets say the lock part .. When you press that part it glows. The question is that how d I get rid of it, like no matter where you...
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    HTC EVO 4G stock Use this pc36img , put it in ur sdcard load ur boot loader but turning off ur phone., then volume down and power bottom at the same time ... One ur in boot loader. Let it search for the zip then press volume up and let it do it's thing
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    HTC EVO 4G stock

    Stock you mean sence ?? Look on xda developers
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    Applying wallpapers on alternatives launchers

    Yeah man.. I can't get it ... Shell 3d works s. It only happen on llp and ads ex
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    Applying wallpapers on alternatives launchers

    I don't know if anyone has notice or it might be just me but since last two updates from MIUI ads launcher ex and launcher pro plus, there has been a issue when applying wallpapers.. I remember back then when applying wallpapers looked great .. Now when it's done there are some really UGLY...
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    MIUI-DEV WEATHER Help & Support

    1.Ok.. Before u paste with root explored make sure u tap the mount r/w and after u tap that it should say mount r/o 2.if u paste it correctly Pressed on the app thatvu just paste and there is gonna be a Menu, look for permissions . Now in permissions check next to user .. Check read and whrite...
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    MIUI gingerbread improvements

    So the scrolling it's a lag?? I though it was only me.. Settings app is super slow..
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    The next device to be upgraded to 2.3 is ******

    Let's hope the evo gets it's port this week .. It would be a miracle but nIce to see the evo get gb before the main miui phones :D
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    The faster multitasking popup in 1.2.18

    I think that depends of the incredible dev .. I'm an evo owner and the same day the built is out we got our beta .. That's really fast ..
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    Miui camera name..

    Does it have to be signed it ...?? And if it does how do I do that
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    Miui camera name..

    Thanks bro... I'll try that in a bit
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    Miui camera name..

    No they don't .. Llike the stock miui theme it doesn't have the miui camera costume icon
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    Miui camera name..

    I don't like the long name and the cap that it doesn't get themed when a theme is applied
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    Miui camera name..

    Do u know how to change the apk name????
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    How to change apk's name

    Hey everyone . I've been searching on google, forums and a lots of forums. Is it that difficult to change and apk name .. I really want to change the miuicamera ..I want to call it like just camera .. On other launchers this can be done but not on miui launcher .. I learned how to change the...
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    Wat are u looking for .. The rom ?? If it is . Look inside of ur device forums