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    Swap Vangogh Cam app with Monet's

    Hi, I have Xiaomi 10 Lite 5G (Monet) and had to replace its motherboard with another one I purchased from AE. When I installed the new MB I realized it was for Xiaomi 10 Lite Zoom / Youth (Vangogh). I had to install the Vangogh FW and it worked fine except the camera app can't connect...
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    Xiaomi 11 Ultra / Snapdragon 888 Overheating issues

    I must admit you saved me a nasty headache. I see two problems now: 1- How are only so few people complaining about the heating issue here? 2- I need the MIUI dialer. How can I get it to work on the Global/EEA ROM?
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    How can I find the changelog for my 11 Ultra updates? All the links for changelogs in the first post are down.
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    The call blocking features has been striped down. In v8 I had multiple call blocking modes that I can easily switch between. We were also able to create custom modes. Now there is only one mode. Can you please restore back this wonderful feature please?