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    New Dark mode bug

    Hello, I've noticed a small bug where if you enable dark mode the screen's brightness becomes dimmer. It's caused by "Adjust text and backgrounds automatically" being active even though it's off by default when you enable dark mode for the first time. To remedy this anomaly, the user needs to...
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    New Notification Flicker

    That solved it for me. Thanks.
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    New Notification Flicker

    The notification icons are also supposed to be monochrome as well since I have it set to "Android" instead of "MIUI". When I changed the notification style to "MIUI" the flicker glitch still occurs.
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    Did you encounter those same issues on the stock firmware?
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    MIUI Daemon

    Is it recommended to leave MIUI Daemon Permission on, when you reach the "Basic Settings" page on the first boot? I'd like to know what exactly am I loosing if I choose to turn that off.
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    New Notification Flicker

    Here's a showcase of the visual bug: Here
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    New Notification Flicker

    Whenever an app is downloading something, the download status notification icon appearing inside the notification shade starts to flicker until the download is complete. Build Version: HMNote10Pro_V14.0.9.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13 Device: Redmi Note 10 Pro Global