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    Cleaner App can't be updated or disabled

    OK i understand this but then why is the app showing up on the play store updates? This didn't happen before I factory reset the phone.
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    Cleaner App can't be updated or disabled

    I have the rom for our device. I recently did a factory reset on the phone. Once I did that the cleaner app can't be updated or deleted. I provide a screenshot. I tried clearing app data and cache but nothing. Any help?
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    Can't boot into Safe Mode

    I cant boot into safe mode, i have xiaomi poco f2 pro with the latest xiaomi eu rom. I actually wanted to try this because my gps is going crazy for the last few hours and cant even pinpoint my location.
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    Tutorial Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    On my poco f2 pro here is what FINALLY worked : 1.Latest rebuild from xiaomi eu 2.Latest apk inject from xiaomi eu, it prompts you to download it when you go in the updater. 3. Clear Google Wallet, Google Play Services, Google Play Store data. IF you are rooted 4.Uninstall all modules...
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    Tutorial Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    I have the same exact issue as you, everything seemingly working fine yet the payment is declined. I asked in here before about it and got ignored, so expect the same.
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    Tutorial Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Can someone please help me with this issue?
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    Tutorial Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix

    Hello i installed the latest rebuild for my Poco F2 Pro. I then rooted to be able to tap to pay. I also installed the universal safety net fix by kdragon. I pass safety net and cts profile match fine. After clearing data from the play store, google services and google wallet, i was also able to...
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    I am trying to install the new rom rebuild for my phone, cant tap to pay with nfc so i plan to install magisk since i read the announcement. The problem is i am having all sorts of issues with the updater. Not responding, not starting the download, and then i downloaded it once and gave me md5...
  9. M OTA update

    Sorry to bother you again, First of all i installed the twrp recovery successfully so thank you. I downloaded this rom for my Poco F2 Pro : which can be found at this link ...
  10. M OTA update

    That method does nothing to my data, right? Also I don't want my banking apps to stop working
  11. M OTA update

    Any idea where do I find the TWRP and instructions on how to install it?
  12. M OTA update

    I have Poco F2 Pro and with not rooted or anything at 13.0.4. Today I got the new update through the updater of the phone. Is it safe If I install that way, or should I use fastboot as I did with 13.0.4?
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    Poco F2 Pro flashed stable MIUI 12 rom. Failing SafetyNet and Google Play Cert

    Hello everyone. I have poco f2 pro and I fail the safety net test and I have the 12.0.4 update. I unlocked the bootloader and got back to Android 10 because 11 was really buggy for me. I can't even use netflix now. Can someone help?