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  1. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 24.1.8/11

    Xiaomi 14 Pro. Update with Fastboot without any problems. No errors with the gallery so far. No commands required with ADB. Best update so far.
  2. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 23.12.25/26/28

    I also had this problem during the first installation after the bootloader unlock. The solution was to reinstall the original CN ROM and then reinstall with First Install.
  3. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 23.12.11/13

    Xiaomi 14 Pro. Update with Fastboot without any problems.
  4. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 23.12.4/9

    Xiaomi 14 Pro. Update via Fastboot. No problems so far. So far the first update where the device runs without problems. Thanks to the team.
  5. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try it and then give feedback.
  6. Prince_Xia

    HyperOS 1.0 23.11.8/13/16

    I have the same problem. Is there a solution?
  7. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 14 23.2.21/23

    The same issue on my Mi 11 Ultra
  8. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 13 22.7.28

    This was the solution. Thanks
  9. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 13 22.7.28

    I have the same issue. I try to start the TWRP from Updater, from the power off menu and with Power on and volume +. The result is the same. The last weeks no problems.
  10. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 13 22.7.28

    I've tried several times. It boots into TWRP with no problems. But the TWRP cannot mount the .zip
  11. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 13 22.7.28

    Mi 11 Ultra Hi. I am on 22.7.21 and have an error installing the latest ROM. The last weeks the update was without problems.
  12. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 12.3 20.12.2

    Thanks for the Link. But what good is a TWRP that works now if the "bad" TWRP is installed again with the next update?
  13. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 12.2 20.10.15/16

    K30Pro There are still problems with DUAL apps. File manager and some apps FC. I have no problems without DUAL apps. Is there any solution to this problem? Otherwise good update.
  14. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 12.2 20.9.24

    Delete all clone Apps.
  15. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 12.2 20.9.17

    Copy the download ROM on a usb stick. Install over OTG. Try it. You can see the downloaded zip...
  16. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 12.1 20.8.20

    K30 Pro FC or "Frozen" many Apps. Device wasn't to use. Back to 20.8.13 The First time in over 2 years. Thanks anyway for your work.
  17. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 11.2 20.3.26 - Last MIUI 11

    Works very well on my MIX 3 No issues so far Thx to the team
  18. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 11.2 20.2.27

    I use for my mix 3 without problems:
  19. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    MI MIX 3 Good update. Really smooth and fast. No bugs found yet. And the best for me is: There is no new LR TWRP installed with the update 20.1.16. Thanks to the team. Enjoy your holiday
  20. Prince_Xia

    MIUI 11.2 20.1.9

    MI MIX 3 Problem with decryption in TWRP. The LR TWRP installed in the ROM cannot decrypt since 20.1.2. Simple working solution: 1. download TWRP 3.3.1-15 Unofficial by Mauronofrio from XDA. 2. install the image TWRP on a USB stick. 3. install the new image via OTG cable 4. boot into the newly...