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    Port ThemeManager

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    Port ThemeManager

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    Port ThemeManager

    I don't know about the rest of you but I can't download themes off the new "store". And even after updating I can't apply my old themes. But, if I take the old manager out of 2.10.whatever I can apply my old themes and use the Mix tab. The only problem with this is if I bring up a theme and...
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    Xiaomi Xiaomi In 2013

    There is no way in hell the N4 won't get MIUI. Hell the only nexus device that might get left behind now is my NS. MAYBE the nexus7 since that ROM is more of a toy.
  5. weedy

    New 2.11.30 - NS - Insane CPU load after low mem

    I was trying to play a game that used the facebook app for auth. This cause the low memkiller to kill off a buch of stuff, now system_server is stuck in some kind of loop and CPU is maxed. User 16%, System 83%, IOW 0%, IRQ 0% User 51 + Nice 0 + Sys 255 + Idle 0 + IOW 0 + IRQ 0 + SIRQ 0 = 306...
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    Still broken :P
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    [TOOL] /system mounter and skeleton zip

    I have noticed a lot of bitching on all the different forums when someone releases a tweak of some sort and people can't be bothered to push it or mod there rom zip. So we get like 20 posts of "so where is the flashable zip?!?" Well here is a skeleton zip file with a commented updater_script...
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    Yeah. Whats up?
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    MIUI ROM Downloader 1.5.2

    Go look up the definition of "cancelled" in the dictionary.
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    Themes are broken, stay on 2.10.26
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    That is the way it's supposed to work. Music volume gets lowered so you can hear the notification as it plays.
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    Until such time as ibot/Mark/Pele says they have fixed themes you guys need to shut up and wait until this storm blows over. The last version before they added the theme DRM.
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    Is there a way to ring alarm even if the mobile is switched OFF ?

    No you guys are wrong. Those older phones had RTCs and they were wired up to allow this. Linux supports RTCs and wake on RTC. The question are "Does phone X have and RTC? Are it's GPIOs hooked up to "push" the power button? Do we have a driver? Can we write to it from the OS?" The MI2 has...
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    In Progress 2.9.14 - NS - Network Assistant

    I never pulled gapps NL, any other ideas? I'm pretty sure it's just broken on JB sending incremental file list cd+++++++++ system/addon.d/ >f+++++++++ system/addon.d/ >fcst...... system/app/ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk >f+++++++++ system/app/GenieWidget.apk >f+++++++++...
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    In Progress 2.9.7 - NS - MMS Backups corrupted

    Still present in 2.11.2. This seems to fix it 'DELETE FROM pdu WHERE thread_id IS NULL'. So the Backup/SMS app should drop database entries that are missing vital fields, like the thread_id, ct_t, or tr_id. Xiaomi should know better what to filter on, but thread_id is probably best.
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    New 2.9.7 - NS - Poor data policing in MMS app

    Still present in 2.11.2.
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    In Progress 2.9.7 - NS - Carrier/SPN not updating

    Still present in 2.11.2.
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    In Progress 2.9.14 - NS - Network Assistant

    Still present in 2.11.2.
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    New 2.10.26 - NS - Memory usage

    This is more of a meta bug. MIUI supports multiple devices, and quite a few of those are older and have less then 1GB of ram. More of a conscious effort needs to be placed on making efficient used of that ram. For my Nexus S with only 512mb of ram even after building a special kernel that give...
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    In Progress 2.9.14 - NS - Network Assistant

    Still present in 2.10.19.