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    New U8860 - 2.6.8 - auto brightness

    Screen dimms itself when updating native facebook app, and then goes to max brightness when page is loaded. Same for some games. It overrides whatever brightness settings I have set.
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    In Progress Honor 8860 cannot connect to gsm network (no service)

    Look at my thread in honor-section
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    Help in choosing mid-end droid phone

    Defy is the best of what you mentioned. Take a look at Huawei Honor. I'm on that, and it's great. Otherwise, seeing as it's going down in price, take Desire S (more RAM than above ones) and OC the CPU
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.8 [ICS]

    Will do - putting it in bugs section now.
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    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.8 [ICS]

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    Xiaomi Recommendations of MIUI 2.6.8

    China must be the only country in the world still upping 360p to youtube ;)
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    New 2.5.25 - U8860 - WiFi icon

    Temp solution: Make WiFi stay awake during screen off. MIUI is flawed when it comes to auto-handling on/off.
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    New 2.5.25 - U8860 - WiFi icon

    Wifi icon does not show up in notification bar after sleep. If I lock the screen and unlock it again, the icon is back where it should be.
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    New 2.5.25 - U8860 - Skype outgoing video

    When I do a video call on Skype, I see myself and the other person perfectly on screen, but remote person sees only green on my video feed. Any quick fix?
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    No OC on 8860/Honor

    I'm on latest build, and my Kernel reads "3.0.8-perf". Did something go wrong in the update, or is that the right kernel? - I have no overclocking, and I find MIUI extremely slow compared to Huawei stock.
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    New 2.5.25 - U8860 - HW accelerated video

    On stock ROM my MXPlayer would use 20% CPU when playing some tv-shows I have on my phone. After change to MIUI, the same files use 90% CPU. MXPlayer is set to Hardware Decode.
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    New 2.5.25 - U8860 - Reboot while gaming

    Latest release reboots every time I play intense games. Did anything break in the drivers, so I should revert to prev. version until you fix it?
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    New Unable to obtain IP on WIFI

    Thx for the replies, guys. I did both. Weird. But it's just the one network for now, so I'll just use static. It's just sad, when Huawei Stock can do it flawlessly ;)
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    New Unable to obtain IP on WIFI

    When connecting to my WIFI, I am unable to obtain IP. Can connect after specifying a static one. Should that really be necessary? U8860 G-network