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    Phone Call Screen Bug

    First off im Running Nexus S on the latest MIUI build. I noticed that once you leave your main phone call screen while still on the phone, the phone will automatically mute so the user on the other end will no longer hear you but you can stil hear them. The sound comes back once you return to...
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    Nexus S 2.3 Phone

    On the Nexus S phone, if i leave the main phone call screen my phone, it automatically goes mute and the person on the other side of the phone cannot hear me untill i return back to the call screen. anyone else experiencing it or can reproduce it? thanks.
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    Theme Downloader Help

    Hi guys, Everytime i hit theme downloader it tells me that there is an update available. Once i download it its just a zip with a bunch of stuff in it. How to i install it???
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    Nexus S Keyboard

    I will try it thanks Sent from my Google Nexus S using the Forums App
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    Nexus S Keyboard

    After installing MIUI on the Nexus S, my keyboard has stopped predictions while typing. Is there a fix or workaround to get it working again?