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  1. TheGr33nDr4g0nX

    New Bug when installing unofficial apk on HyperOS

    Hello. Currently there are problems with the weekly update of HyperOS in the section to install APK's of unknown origin when I try to install an APK that are the latest updates of HyperOS applications and use the package installer HyperOS automatically I get the message that you can not install...
  2. TheGr33nDr4g0nX

    New Xiaomi Redmi K50 Ultra/ 12T Pro Android System Intelligence continues to fail in the new update of MIUI Weekly

    In the latest MIUI weekly update, I have detected a critical issue related to the "Android System Intelligence" application that is causing frequent and annoying crashes on my Redmi K50 Ultra. This bug has generated an unstable user experience and has negatively affected the usability of my...