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  1. fleischverpackung

    Stuck With Broken Miui Install, Twrp Dissapeared, Fastboot Not Working..

    Hi all! Got a MI4W with MIUI7. Flashed TWRP and rooted the device. Wanted to install MIUI8 but failed because of the wrong partition size. Read that installing a specivic MIUI6 DEV build will merge the partitions safely. Downloaded and installed it through the Update App. Phone rebootet into...
  2. fleischverpackung

    1.4.1 some Contacts missing wenn adding through SMS App

    hi'! when i text, some of my contacts are not visible in the add function of the messaging app. i have to go to my contacts, find the person there and use text contact. is this a known issue?
  3. fleischverpackung

    MIUI visuals getting too glossy & overloaded :(

    hi guys! It got to my attention that the visuals got more and more "overloaded" (of course speaking in miui therms ;) ) as the rom development continued. I've always liked your minimalistic approach, and i think that's what MIUI stands for: Clean visuals, improved usability and good battery...