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    Call Recorder not Working - Nexus S 1.10.21

    Could you provide any less information? Does the application itself run? Has it worked before a rom update? Have you checked to make sure third party access is enabled in dialer settings? My issue with this was that it worked fine but simply would not record after a rom update. So far the fix...
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    Auto brightness off.

    I have the DHD and I have not seen the problem everyone else is describing. Perhaps its a kernel issue. Can someone with the issue install catleprod kernel and see if that solves the issue.
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    Disable Automatic OTA Update of Rom

    Download File Expert from the Android Market use it to delete Updater.apk from /system/app.
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    Battery Usage Force Close

    As far as I can tell it seems to do with the amount of time the battery monitor is running for. Over 72 hours of power monitoring and I get force close. Easiest way to deal with it is to turn off the option "Monitor Power Usage" and then turn it back on. This will clear the current usage GRAPHS...
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    HTC DHD keeps dropping network connection

    You can also turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off. That will make it reconnect.
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    Is there a way or such a mod to activate the notification bar by pressing "home"?

    Pressing the Home button will not work however holding the power button will bring the notification bar down no matter what app you are in.
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    [Q] MIUI Browser?

    The MIUI browser IS Miren Browser. You can install any browser you like through the Android market. I'm not sure about keeping the icon though.
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    Vibrate on calls

    Unless I'm mistaken all you do is pull down the notification bar and long press on the sound icon. The option for when you want the phone to vibrate should be there.
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    Shutdown popup menu when pressing power button

    Do you mean the Toggles menu? If you swipe right to left while in the Notification Pane it should show you the Toggles Menu. If you have no notifications pulling down the notification bar or holding the power button will take you straight to the Toggles Menu.
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    Monitor app not monitoring calls or texts

    For the last 2 or 3 releases the Monitor app does not seem to monitor calls or texts. It monitors data usage perfectly. I have tried to install an older version of monitor.apk but I get FC everytime I open it. I also dislike having to swipe the data usage across to get to the calls and texts...
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    Data connection start automatically with gps apps

    "settings > personal > my location > disable Automatic Assisted GPS" Is correct. If the option is enabled it will attempt to use cell towers to help with GPS. Disabled it will not.
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    The problem is definetely with the mic not switching off. Everyonce in a while you should clear the battery stats. Charge to 100% go to recovery and clear battery stats. Then use the phone until the battery is COMPLETELY dead. DO NOT charge or connect the device via USB after you clear the...
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    Looks like the patch works. Heres the new graph: As you can see after the fix has been applied the battery drops more gradually. Currently 6% every 10 hours on standby. And also I just realised that you can set the screen to full brightness by pressing Vol+ & Menu.
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    Nope no new apps installed. It seems this has been a problem for the last 2 releases. On the XDA forum someone mentioned that flashing the lordmod kernel solves the problem but I havent tried it. I have however tried the link L0cke gave. My Android System in the battery meter has gone down from...
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    Battery drain on 1.7.8

    Absolutely. MAJOR battery drain. I'm losing 4% an hour doind nothing when 2 releases ago it was only approx 1.8% every two hours. I will give the link provided by L0cke and report back.
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    How can i update the ROM without losing my settings and data and apps? Possible?

    First of all I recommend doing a full nandroid backup using the ROM manager. Start the phone in recovery mode and do these steps: 1) Format cache 2) Advanced> Format Dalvik Cache 3) Install the deoxed version of the new ROM 4) Reboot phone and allow it to load fully 5) Restart and run...
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    add 3g only in miui menu

    Why would you want it to be 3G only? If you ever have no 3G signal then your phone will not be able to recieve any calls/texts. Unless I’m mistaken 3g is also known as WCDMA. If you type *#*#INFO#*#* and click onto “Phone Information”. Scroll down and you’ll see a dropbox which says “WCDMA...
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    MIUI crashes when USB tethering is enabled

    USB Tethering Crash I have the same problem on my Desire HD with 1.5.27. The first time I enabled USB tethering it did not crash. As soon as the driver software was installed and the computer atempted to connect the phone crashed and rebooted. From then on anytime USB tethering is enabled the...