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    HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

    Can anyone acknowledge laggy animations on the recents screen for Poco X5 5G? Currently it's the only annoying thing I've come across, what could be the reason? I'm using stock launcher, and both vertical or horizontal modes are laggy, like 10 frames per second slow, and only on the recents screen.
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    Is there anything I can do about low Bluetooth volume?

    Currently on stable ROM, moonstone rooted (poco X5) Bluetooth volume is very low and I'm unable to raise it to a comfortable listening level, I'm from central America and I've tried switching regions but that didn't work, absolute volume options are missing from the developers options and also...
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    How to add a new page to my home screen?

    Yeah I just figured that out, icon or widget. I was trying to have a clean default screen and have everything on the left because that's the way I've always done it but it seems it's not possible on the system launcher, pity.
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    How to add a new page to my home screen?

    Not working, new page creation just doesn't appear, already rebooted and tried clearing data.
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    How to add a new page to my home screen?

    It's not locked but this is what happens:
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    How to add a new page to my home screen?

    See I tried that because it's the normal way it should work but it doesn't, it just shakes the icon as if it were indicating that it can't be done
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    How to add a new page to my home screen?

    This might sound dumb but i can't find a way to add a new page to my home screen, I'm using the default launcher in drawer mode and I only have the -1 screen and the default one.
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    Go back to stock recovery from twrp

    First off, in have a Moonstone (poco X5 5g), it has Boot as Recovery (A/B), I'm on latest stable ROM. I flashed official TWRP from XDA, some errors occurred while flashing EU ROM so I ended up flashing through Fastboot (thank you devs for hybrid ROMS) everything went smoothly but TWRP was kept...
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    New Notification Flicker

    I was about to report this same problem but for MOONSTONE, I'm currently running stable Whenever an app is downloading something, the icon inside the notification shade will flicker when the notification is not expanded, also the...